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                                               Welcome To My Hockey Card Site

I am paralleldave. I buy, sell and trade hockey cards. I got into sportscards as a dealer in 1990 and began specializing in hockey parallels in the 1997-98 season with the introduction of Pacific products. I now have a rotating stock of over 180,000 parallels, inserts and baseset cards. I also have a selection of autos, jerseys, pre 1990, slabbed and graded cards. I actively pursue all stock to guarantee a growing and everchanging selection for my regular customers to look through at their convenience. Updates are done many times throughout the day so with exception of cards pending in other deals, your selections should be available for you.

You will notice various headings at the top of this page. They are all links to the different sections of this website. Just click your mouse on the section you would like to see - that easy! The cards listed in these sections are available only here. All cards in my EBAY store are seperate and not found here. There is a link to my EBAY store in the "LINKS" section above to get you there if so desired.

The cards on this site are all for sale (USD) at the various prices noted. I also have a tradelist. I do trade and buy to get new stock. I never buy on EBAY for purposes of general resale. Anything I buy on EBAY is for me or for regular customers that choose not to join EBAY. I will NEVER bid against any of my customers!! If you see anything on my tradelist that interests you, let me know what you have from my wantlist and I'm sure we can do a deal! I will not trade any cards other than those on my tradelist so please do not ask!

If you are looking for cards of a certain player, you can search this website by last name (ex. Crosby) by hitting the "CONTROL" + "F" keys. A search box will open where you can put in the last name of the player you are searching for. All cards on that page of that player will be highlighted for you as you scroll down.  

When you are ready to place an order, please submit your order in an email by typing or using the copy/paste computer functions. There are email links to send your order to. I believe in simplicity and do not want to get into shopping carts and such. I enjoy having personal contact with all my customers.

Exact shipping will be determined by weight of cards and destination with these minimum rates;
Canada - $3.00...
USA - $4.00...
Overseas - $7.00...
These minimum rates are generally good for about 15 cards before increasing.


                                                                         ALL PRICES ARE IN AMERICAN DOLLARS



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Until further notice, please use either of these two email addresses for ordering or contacting me. If the links do not work, or if you
prefer, you can copy and past the emails into your own mail provider. These problems are internal from my website email provider
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Sorry for any inconvenience.

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